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On The road again
July 14,2004

Value the process




When one decides to make some life altering decisions, such as to become fit and healthy, they have to focus on the here and now not on the ultimate goal. Losing weight and maintaining weight is an ongoing process, it is a journey.  If three years ago I decided to change and just kept my focus on the goal, I don't think I would be where I am today.  I reached that goal within 1 year.  Many of my journals speak of my struggle to keep the weight off, to keep living my dream.  Today while I was taking my morning walk, I realized that at times I have been focusing on a number on the scale and every time that number moves in either direction, there is where my attentions lies. It is so much more than a number on the is my life.  I am learning to focus on the journey...and the great things that have happened along the way and continue to happen.

Michael Thurmond's Six Week Body Makeover has changed my life forever.  I sometimes wonder where I would be today if I had never found this way of life...or if I would even be.

My husband is off for the next five weeks and we are basically staying at the lake house with a few overnight trips planned...we are going to see the Tall Ships in Rhode Island this weekend, next week we are spending a few days at the ocean, the following week we are going to Vermont and spend a couple of days visiting my son and his fiancÚ, then we are all going on an overnight canoe trip in the wilderness of Maine.  This is what life is all about...enjoying and being is not about what I am going to eat, or shouldn't eat.  It is about living.

I know the summer will fly by and in the middle of August, we will take Kara to New Orleans so she can start her freshman year at college.  So I am enjoying the moment, enjoying this time together, I am enjoying the process, and I don't need off program food to do such.