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Back on Track
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February 2, 2008

When Life throws you a curve ball........

It has been over a month since I have been back to this healthy way of life.  It seems everything had come together great.  I am eating right and exercising dailyl
Last night while emptying the dishwasher I turned in such a way that my bad knee popped... sudden pain and unable to bear full weight... I what...and please nooo... I need to be able to exercise.
 I got off my leg, and got my brace and rested my knee for the night.
When I got up this morning, my knee still hurt but I was able to bear weight with the brace on.  So being determined, I took some advil and got in my gym clothes and went to the gym. 
I decided to walk really slow on the treadmill, at first everytime I stepped it was really sore, but as the hour wore on, it became less painful and actually felt a bit better.  I decided to forgo any leg exercise, so worked my upper body and came home.
I am DETERMINED not to let this slow me down, but I also intend on not pushing myself to the point of pain.  So moderation will be the key.  I intend on going back tomm and walking but will take the day off from lifting as tomm would be my lower body I will give myself it off, then Monday do upper body again and attempt lower body with lower weights on Tuesday...if that doesn't work...then I will find something that does!!
Have a great weekend all!