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The Journey continues.........Maintenance
October 28,2002


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To Thy Own Self Be True

This journey of mine has come to the point where I must learn new skills.  Losing the weight took discipline, determination, and honesty. I made the realization that staying at goal is going to take discipline, determination and honesty...laughing.... it has taken me the last three weeks to realize that!!.  Reaching goal was not the end of my journey, it was just a change in focus. For the last year I was focused on getting to I am focused on staying here.  Adding foods to ones eating plan takes more discipline than having taken it away.  Now I must be able to have "some" of what I have not had in over a year.  I have to realize it is not a free for all and moderation is the key. I am learning, but it sure is trial and error on my "free day" which is Saturdays.  I have decided that I need to stay on the eating program until I have a buffer of a few pounds.. So next Saturday will not be a free day. I am also revamping my exercise program with the help of my trainer. To continue to be successful one must continue to grow and learn in many directions.
 I spent tonight doing a "flash" metamorphosis of is on my home page.   I started with before pictures and ended with my "at goal "picture.  Watching it was pretty amazing to me and  made me realize that this is where I want to be, and I will never look like the before pictures ever again..
May you all have an in focus kind of day!