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March 15, 2002


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Ed's fiftieth..a night on the town

Ed turned fifty the other day, but today was his surprise celebration.  I thought for a long time about how to celebrate this milestone event.  Unlike me, Ed really doesn't like being the center of attention..he shies away from that.  So instead of giving him a big fiftieth Birthday Bash..I opted for an alternative plan.
We did not grow up in New Hampshire, before we were married we used to live south of Boston and hung out in different places in Brockton, Mass. 
 One of these places, "Cape Cod Cafe" is my husband's favorite place to go... out of all the restaurants worldwide, he will tell anyone this place is his favorite, even though it is a bit of a dive.  He will tell you it has the best beer and pizza in the world. So I knew this is where we needed to celebrate( we even had our engagement party there, lol).
Next I decided there was only one way to get limousine... so I ordered a limo, called some old friends( approx 20) and Saturday night was coming together.
  Our kids, John , Becky (John's girlfriend)Kara, Ed and a good friend of ours Nannie all got into the limo and off we went to Brockton, Mass...Sipping  champagne along the way.
When we arrived there we were greeted by a roomful of long time friends...We ate, drank, laughed and chatted..the night flew was a great time..we piled back into the limo and back to New Hampshire.. The look in Ed's eyes and his, "You couldn't have found a better way to celebrate my birtthday." made the  whole night even more special.
 Life is good and I am blessed.