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Stopping at third base adds no more runs than striking out.
       - unknown

I saw this quote and smiled.   The words just made so much sense to me.  One can put all kinds of effort into reaching a goal or getting close to a goal..but if you stop short of it....then all that has come before has been done in vain.  Or if you get there and then strike out....where does that leave you.
  I guess the game of losing weight, maintaining it and staying healthy means you never stop short.  I think somewhere deep within I thought all my struggles would be over once I reached goal.. I guess I thought once I reached a fit me I would simply stay there, effortless...after all the struggle to get to goal was enough. 
As the month's go by and I remain fit I realize it is because I never lose sight of that which I have now.  Sometimes I stray.. but I come back and continue to  try and be the healthiest that I can, but it is and will be a never ending struggle..
 Don't get me wrong there are so many benefits to finally being a normal size, and healthy and fit enough to try and do anything I chose.  I love wearing clothes that are stylish, I love being able to play.  I love the fact that I am no longer an embarrasment to my family ( they would never admit that I ever was...but I know...).
 I have been doing very well on my plan since returning from Florida.  I find at times I procrastinate... yesterday I was going to go and run at the gym at 5am..I finally got there at 830 pm....I guess that is a little bit of procrastinating...but the important part is that I went.. I really wasn't in the mood to, but I knew I needed to .  The funny thing is on days like that when I finish I feel even better than I do when I just get up and go. 
  Just know that it is far from over once you have reached your goal, and the only way to keep your dream a reality is to work at it....don't ever let go...