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On The road again
October 26, 2003

Consider the postage stamp, my son. It secures success through its ability to stick to one thing till it gets there.
Josh Billings

Over the last two years, people have asked time and again," How do you keep motivated?  How do you "stick" to it?" 
  When I first started out over two years ago, what kept  me motivated was  how quickly the weight was dropping, and how right before my eyes my body transformed from being obese to being healthy.
 I kept telling myself that the big thing is to keep your focus...time moves ahead despite us.. might as well be thinner three months from now, than in the same old rut.
 Another thing that kept me going was the feedback from others.  It honestly gave me that extra boost when someone said," Hey you are doing a great job."
Then came maintenance.. a whole different perspective.  Now I could eat in moderation what I chose.. so much less structure.  Also, my body was staying the same so I wasn't seeing the visual changes anymore, and people were used to me thin... so no more "You are doing a great job". 
  I started noticing a little weight creeping back on.. and I realized that I am a type of person who thrives with structure in regards to eating and exercising.
 I had to stop and really think about where I was headed, what I wanted for me, and remember the reason I had spent the last two years in this lifestyle is because I am healthy and fit.  If I wanted to stay here I had to make some attitude changes.  I had to stay focused on where I am and how it FEELS to ME.
So how is it that I stick to it now after all this time?  I have no choice; if I wish to continue living the life I have always dreamed about. 
 I remind myself daily how happy I am that I am healthy and how blessed I am to have found this way of living... It is just that simple. I want to keep living my dream.

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