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February 18, 2002

Today's post is a bit off topic. One of the things I do in my spare time is coach Destination Imagination. It deals with creative problem solving. Our local webpage for our state is which if any are interested can learn more about it.
My team consists of 7 kids between the ages of thirteen and fifteen(none of which are mine). They choose a problem in the fall and present thier solution in a skit form to a panel of judges in March. Depending how they do, they could go to the next level of competition and all the way to world finals..
If you know teenagers...They are a wonderful group of creatures but... oh how they procrastinate.. Their competition is in two weeks...they just finished writing the script yesterday!
There can be no adult intervention of thier solution. So as a coach, it is my duty to keep them on track, sit on my hands and tell them they need to pick up the
Usually the last two weeks we are meeting everyday after school through the supper hour and on the weekends as well. We survive on junk food and pizza during this time.
Over the weekend, the kids were having thier pizza and I pulled out a half baked potatoe with a topping of turkey, eggwhites and spinach. None of them have really said much about my weight loss, but when they saw my lunch one of them said oh so that is how you are losing weight. yucccckkk..I said actually it tastes better than it looks and it is very healthy..kiddingly I asked if anyone wanted to try it.. One of the girls said yes..took a bite and said that is not bad at all...I was shocked...there is a teenager left who was willing to try and then found it "not bad"( no wonder she has a great physique..)
So fair warning, if my posts aren't as frequent in the next two weeks as they have been, don't get alarmed, I am still around, just super busy.
Enjoy your day!