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Now that I have committed to doing this I wonder what I will write about
Friday I started the six day minimakeover. Why...I do not know. For those of you that do not know this eating program, it is a stricter version of the everyday program, you are allowed to only do it once every six weeks. This is the first time I attempted it. It basically means eating fish and fresh tuna with greens for one's meals.
I wasn't even on a plateau but thought it would be a good thing to experience...
WRONG!.. Although I have learned alot in the last few days. First that I HATE fresh tuna..and secondly there is no fun in eating..With the regular program I look forward to my meals. I have felt like a little kid who was told to eat thier veggies..My daughter even pointed out yesterday that I was playing with my food and not eating it.
I have committed to it til Thursday morning so I will continue. I think the biggest value of trying this is I finally am eating to live, not living to eat. My meals these last few days have been to give my body the fuel it needs..period...nothing more nothing less. So if the only lesson I learn is food should not rule me then I am appreciative...Now if I can just continue to remember this.
When I awoke this morning and jumped on the scale( first thing I do every morning) I had lost another pound. So now I have lost 58 pounds for which I am grateful.
There are many things I am grateful for lately:
I am grateful for Michael Thurmond and his desire to help
others. ( is the official website).
I am grateful for all the friends I have come to know
because of this plan, both at the official site and at:
Thier support and caring can not be measured.
I am grateful for my family loving me through thick and
thin(pun intended).
Last but not least, I am especially grateful to Spaceman
(view my guestbook to see You are and always
will be my best friend. I am missing you and can't wait
til you are home again.