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February 22, 2002


"I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor."
- Henry David Thoreau


  This journey to health must be a conscious endeavor.  To be  a successful one it is my belief that one must put forth effort and action.  Losing weight is a result of changing one's attitude, and increasing one's knowledge and understanding of ones's self and thier body.
 First I found a plan that would work for me and my lifestyle.  A healthy safe plan, not a fad diet. Then, I convinced myself that this was what I wanted and had to do..non-negotiable....If I was  to REALLY lose weight many aspects of my life would need revising. It seemed like such a monumental task ahead of me, I had to break it down, simplify it.
 Next, I worked on the eating plan..Through reading I understood the plan, why it worked, and what was needed of me to make it work. I really focused on the eating portion of the plan and threw in a minimal amount of exercise for good measure.
  When this way of eating became a habit, I stopped and re-evaluated my journey.. I realized two things... One was that I needed to allow myself permission to "go on hiatus" .  As the months wore on I realized that there would be times that I wanted to eat off the program, so instead of trying to get through the situation without eating off program,and perhaps triggering a binge... I gave myself permission to do as I wanted.  I planned it way in advance, I understood what it would consist of and when the event was over... I was right back on my eating program.  I have never cheated in the 19 weeks that I have followed this way of life.. However, I have taken liberty to eat differently on four occassions(one occassion lasted two weeks while away over the Christmas Holidays) after each hiatus I had no problem returning to my journey. I also had to accept that the weight loss for that week may be minimal or none, or that there may be a gain.  But I was willing to accept the consequences for my actions and move on...
The next area I looked at about 3 months into my new way of life was exercise.  I started noticing  more and more loose skin. I knew I needed to tone and increase my exercise.  I was pretty lax in regards to using "the bands". So I went to the local gym and  hired myself a personal trainer. I told her my expectations, what I was looking to accomplish, and she designed a plan that is working for for me...
  The biggest obstacle here was how I was going to fit it in to my hectic schedule.  I work full time, I coach Destination Imagination for approximately 20 hours a week, I have a house to keep clean and a family to spend time with. Well I decided that I would go to the gym Tuesday and Thursdays at 4:45 am and Saturdays at 8 am.  I started water aerobics on Monday and Wednesday nights from 5:30 to 6:30 pm and Sunday mornings at 8am.  It does sound a bit ludicrous, but sometimes sacrifices must be made in our lives to accomplish the bigger goals.  Remember if there is a WILL there is  a WAY.
 The last area I have worked on was sharing my journey with others. I found that it was to my benefit to share my thoughts, accomplishments and pictures  with others as it has made me more accountable to myself.  At times it is difficult to stop and write but it really does allow me to stop and reflect  on all that is...
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Have a wonderful weekend all!!!