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March 29,2002


The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

           Martin Luther King, Jr.


 The challenges that are facing me over the next six weeks are unbelievable.  I can only hope that I can make good decisions concerning them, well before I must face them.

The first challenge is Sunday, "Easter".  We all know what that means to those of us who love candy and food.  I do think I am beyond the candy, but the food will be difficult as we are going out to "Easter Brunch".

 My plan:

  • A moderated off plan meal
  • To eat fruit and a salad to begin with. Then to have some beef and  eat in  moderation healthy choices...

Next challenge:

   April 6th:  My daughter's confirmation

My plan:

  • We are going out to her's and my favorite steak house
  • I will have a steak (small) baked potato,.and salad
  • no bread or drinks

Challenge 3: April 13  State Competition for my DI Team (problem solving  competition)

My plan:

  • We have worked on solving this problem since October and if we win at the state level, we will be going on to World Finals for a week(which will only add ANOTHER challenge to my new way of life!)
  • I plan on eating and drinking  whatever I choose in moderation, when we go out with the team and their families after the all day competition. Whether we win or lose I am going to enjoy this evening.
  • Go on the 6dmmo starting the next day.

Challenge 4  May 3-6( at least we are getting into May) Celebrating Inlaw's fiftieth wedding anniversary and my son graduates from college on the 5th.

  • Flying to North Carolina on the 2nd to spend a few days at my inlaws. Friday night  we will be celebrating thier anniversary and I plan on staying as close to the program as possible.
  • Saturday we will be driving from North Carolina to West Virginia to join in on the graduation festivities at my son's college. I plan on staying with the program on Saturday.
  • Sunday is graduation and my plan is to enjoy the day..the dinner.. the wine... I am one proud momma...
  • Monday flying back home will stay on plan...
  • Tuesday back on plan 100 percent

Challenge 5  May 18   My cousin's  wedding out of state;

  •    Plan to stay on program as best I can staying in a hotel

 Possible Challenge 6  World Competition for DI  May 20-26th

  • Will not count my chicken's before they hatch.... won't know until April 13th if I have to add this one....

So there you have it... much coming up in the next six weeks...I will need all the strength and willpower I can muster... Will keep you posted on how I handle each event....Hopefully having thought it out and planned  for it I will be successful..





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