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March 19, 2002


"Take a great amount of determination; set aside. Blend 
 together several handfuls of willpower, understanding,
 courage, persistence, truth, perseverance, seriousness and
 a basic sense of humor.
  Combine all ingredients together and bake until life springs back to full meaning. When done, for a tasty topping, frost with a lifetime of health and happiness."
                    Janice Harney

  When I was browsing the net looking for inspiration, I came across this poem and found it stated so well what we must all do to change what we have been; into something we wish to be...
 One word that  caught my eye was "courage".  One doesn't often think making lifestyle changes in eating takes courage but it does.  It takes courage to admit we are fat, that we need to get our lives back into some sense of sanity..that we are willing to share with others this journey of ours..never knowing if we will also being showing others that we have failed. It takes courage to admit we are not perfect takes courage to pick ourselves up and move forward.. it takes courage to say no, when a friend is offering you something that is not on your program. It takes courage to look towards the future while living in the moment in the right manner.
  She also stated one needed a basic sense of  humor. How true...Recently one of my best friends, and her daughters were in a bagel shop...I had never been in there before and was getting a cup of coffee to go, when I noticed a woman who was wearing  the same coat as I was.. I leaned over to my friend's daughter and said, "That woman has on my new coat..she must have good taste...."  My friend's daughter burst out laughing and whispered back, "That woman is you.. that is a mirror..."
 Well we laughed all day about the woman.... I really didn't recognize myself from the back, my body is changing but I need to work on my mind, I still don't see me as anything but morbidly obese...
In the meantime.. I still think that woman had good taste in her choice of coats..
May you all smile at the small things today....

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