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On The road again
September 15, 2004

To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.

 ~Barbara Bush


I feel as though I could have written that quote. I haven't been dealing well with the empty nest, I sorta feel like a fish out of water. I have been putting my energies into getting both the house and the lake house fall cleaning...yucchh.

Sometimes God works in mysterious ways.  John called Monday morning and said he was coming home Tuesday night from Vermont, as those were his days off this week.  I know he was coming home because of how sad I have been with one child living in Vermont and the other in New Orleans....which brings me to another issue, the implications of the impending hurricane Ivan to New Orleans.

 Before John had called, and after watching the track of the hurricane, I decided to be ahead of the game and bought a refundable roundtrip ticket for Kara to come home if needed on Wednesday.  As Monday wore on I realized I prolly should have made the ticket for Tuesday.  I called Southwest and they were wonderful and most accommodating and switched it to Tuesday.  Shortly after doing that, Kara called from Tulane and said they were evacuating and closing the school Tuesday morning.  How fortunate I felt to be able to are coming home, pack your bags, you are booked out of there for tomorrow.

Kara arrived home yesterday afternoon, bubbly and happy....she loves school but was thrilled with this unexpected visit home.  I can't believe she has only been gone a month, to me it feels like a lifetime.

We are now awaiting what will happen after the hurricane, wondering how much damage will be done to New Orleans and when Tulane we reopen.

Last night around 10pm John arrived home (we didn't tell Kara so it would be a surprise).  He turned off his lights and drove down our 500 foot driveway in the dark, snuck into the house and walked into the family room where Kara was sitting on the couch snuggled in her Dad's arms watching TV together.  She looked up, saw John, her look was priceless, definitely a "Kodak" moment.

  Needless to say the two goons stayed up half the night catching up on each others lives.  They are both sound asleep in their beds as I write this.

Let me just say I am one happy mom...

ps.. I have been on plan since I last wrote and as of yesterday lost 4 lbs.

Have a great day all.... I know I will

My thoughts and prayers are with those who will be effected by the hurricane...may you stay safe.