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On The road again
February 2, 2004



It has been quite awhile since I have published anything online.  It is not  because I lost interest. It is because I have had major problems being able to publish online.  My hubby spent hours going through my site and trying to find out why I kept getting errors.  He managed to get it up and running and I will no longer be using the tool I used to use, I will be using Microsoft FrontPage.  I am really fortunate to have him around, he managed to keep all that I have already written in the last two years. He is a king among kings...and now for my journal. 



Practice whilst other people are still asleep.

I saw this quote and thought this IS the reason why I  have been successful . Many people say they don't have the time to do exercise, or cook ahead of time; in fact they have even said they don't have the time to lose weight.  With working and families and fast food, we have become a society that is always on the go.

It is time to take care of yourself.  When I first started this program, I was working full time, coaching 20 hours a week...after school and on Saturdays, had a family and a house to take care of.  I decided that I had to find the time.  So I cooked ahead on Sundays and portioned and froze my meals for the week.  I also started getting up at 4:30 am so I could go to the gym before work.  On weekends I would get up at 7 am and go.  It does become a habit.

 My life is much less hectic now.  I work part time, although I am still coaching.  Most mornings I am up by 5:30 and back from the gym by 8 am.  I love starting my day this way.

So remember, while others are busy with whatever...find that owe it to your self.