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On The road again
October 10,2003

The whole process of mental, spiritual, and material riches
     may be summed up in one word - gratitude.

Who would have thought that a year ago today I would have hit goal for the first time in my life. I have been a "normal" person for a whole year. YAHHOOOO.
I started the program two years ago tomorrow..never when I first started did I actually believe this would happen. But I followed the program and took action. Dreams can only become real if action is taken.
I started by being honest with myself and giving it six weeks. I was certainly skeptical but desperate. The journey I have taken over the past two years has just been incredible and it has brought me to this point. Simply put I am now the "me" I was always intended to be..
This past year on maintenance has been a struggle with my inner self. I have had to learn how to maintain for me. Right now I am heavier than when I hit goal. My weight has ranged anywhere from goal up to 15 pounds heavier. Most people give themselves a leeway of five pounds...but I am now learning that the hard way.
I can't stress enough how important the Provida community has been to me, without all of you I know in my heart that this never would of happened.
I would like to say a special thank you to Dolores..she is my friend, my mentor and I am sure a soulmate. You have given me strength, hope and inspiration when the going was tough. You have always believed in me even when I didn't, and pushed me a little further. You have listened to my endless stories..and that in itself deserves a gold medal. Dee, I love you like a sister!!

Thank You one and all for being there for me..and Michael......You rock!!!
Life is grand!