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On The road again
November 3,2003

The best way to predict your future is to create it. 
 ~Peter Drucker

How many hours have you spent daydreaming of the future... of all the things you want to do or become?  I spent most of my adult life dreaming of being thin.  Then it dawned on me... one has to do more than want it... one has to create it.
My journey over the last two years has taken me  to many wonderful places. I really feel blessed to have expereinced so manywonderful things because I  actively created  my dream.  I am in awe of how life is for me today.  I cherish every moment and am grateful to be  a healthy thin adult.
 When you are overweight, you tend to put your life on hold and say "When I get thin I will...... " When I started this journey I promised myself that I was no longer living in the "hold" arena.. I would do and try what I was physically capable of doing as I journeyed.
 Now my future is so different than what I anticipated two years ago.  The opportunities that I have had and continue to have are incredible.
  Next Monday I am flying out to LA to work on an upcoming informercial for Provida Life Sciences.  I did an infomercial a little over a year ago for them and now here I am going from the cold fall of New England into the sunny California weather. Had I not taken the intitiative to create my dream, I would not be having the experience that is before me. 
  I will be spending time with people I have grown to care so much for... especially my friend Dolores.  I will be working all day Tuesday. Wednesday, Dee and I are heading out for a day of sun, fun, mud baths, and massages...and I  fly  home again on Thursday.
 Life is a whirlwind... Life is grand... and I am so fortunate to  be able to live it to my fullest....You can too!  Stay with it, make your dream a reality!!