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On The road again
June 11,2004

It is written:

When children find true love,
parents find true joy.

 Here's to your joy and ours,
from this day forward.


Wow! This is definitely a year to remember! 

Two weeks ago Kara graduated from high school, and today my son John asked his girlfriend Becky to be his wife.  I am overwhelmed with joy.  And, as Ed put it, she is the ying to his yang.  

They met in high school and fast became best friends.  Where-ever John was, one would find Becky.  It was a platonic relationship, so they thought, but I knew he loved her.  It wasn’t till he went away to college, that they realized they loved each other.  Becky came to the house shortly after John left and said that she was going to go to West Virginia and visit John and while she was there tell him how she felt and  so the second semester of his freshman year, to the delight of both of them, she transferred to the University of Charleston and thus began their  journey together. They graduated from college two years ago and now live in Vermont with some other friends from college.

John called Ed at work ten days ago to tell him that he had bought Becky a diamond and he was planning for the big day.  Then he called me at home...and I became the first of many to say, "It's  about time!"  John is so much like his Dad, everything has to be thought out and planned. 

The really special part of this all…is he let me share in their moment.

He hemmed and hawed over how to ask her.  He finally came up with a plan. He was going to ask her in a special place of theirs.  They live in Burlington and there is a beautiful place on Lake Champlain that they go to.  It is a park that has rock cliffs over looking the water. It just so happened that at the time Kara and I had planned to go and visit, the diamond would be ready to be picked up at the jewelers.

This morning the plans were put into action.  John and Kara would go pick up the ring and Becky, Jesse, Mitch (their roommates) and I would head for the beach.  Becky thought that Kara and John were going to get a music CD at the store that John wanted.  They were to then meet us at the beach.

When everything was all set he called me on my cell phone and said, "OK, please tell Becky I want to meet at the cliffs instead of the beach."  He also said, "You guys can be there but I am going to take her off for a walk to some rocks that jut over the water.  It will be close enough that you can see but far enough away from you that we will have our privacy." He also gave us some hooting and hollering, no interrupting, we were to remain quiet and could take pictures.

So there we sat, all four of us, on our best behavior.  It was like watching a romantic silent movie...simply sitting there  with tears running down my face, thinking how special it was to be there and wondering if they would ever come back and join the rest of us.  They were totally and unequivocally in their own little world. The two of them so much in love and so loved .

Congratulations John and Becky!!!!