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On The road again
September 25, 2003


We are what we repeatedly do.


I saw this quote when I was browsing around looking for a topic for my journal today.   This statement says it all.  If we continue to do what we have always done then we will only have what we have always had...

This applies to all parts of one's life.. One has to be willing to take the risk, the extra step... make the effort.  But even beyond that for me was realizing that I had fallen  back into some of my old habits..and I was heading back to the old me.. slowly not in full force mind you but nevertheless I was going in the wrong direction.

 I was on maintenance and decided I would take a day a week off, well in no time over the summer I found myself taking the whole weekend off then back on program for the week.. That combined with no gym in the area of my lakehouse  spelled pending disaster for me.  I started to notice my weights and bands getting a bit dusty in the corner, although I did walk every day anywhere from 2- 4 miles... So I kept some good habits and added some bad ones back in..after all I was(am) a "normal" person now.

The summer has ended and it is time to move forward  again in the right direction. So far so good... the weekend is coming and I am planning to be on program 100 percent.

 I am having a live chat tonight, here on my main homepage for those who are interested or who have questions or concerns.

Also if anyone would like me to discuss a topic here, or have questions about something...just write it in my guestbook, I check it daily.

Have a great on program day.. I know I am.