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Back on Track
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January 18, 2008

"If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place."
~ Nora Roberts

January 18th...18 days into the new year.  I can't help but wonder how many new year's resolution have been broken.  I am sure those that made them had every intention on keeping them...but life happens.
It is one thing to have intentions, it is another to act upon them.. Last nite I was talking to a very good friend, who decided on New Years to get back on track and lose the weight that had crept back on.
She is doing  ok with her plan...but not great.  I am sure she had every intention of doing great..but life happens.  So instead of doing the plan 100 percent she is doing it about 75 percent.  I tried telling her if you are going to make the effort it is so much easier to give 100 percent than 75 percent.  Keeping on plan without deviating sure is a hell of alot easier than going off plan and having to reel yourself in. 
On the other hand perhaps the intention was too ambitious and overwhelming.  Maybe starting with mini goals and working up is better than Jumping in with two feet and getting lost in the enormity of it all.
For those of you struggling yet once again to keep this resolution.  Take a look at it and break it down if you need to.
Get your food plan in order.  Drink all your water
Exercise a total of three times this weeks instead of 5
Find time to reflect and evaluate.
Go find that piece of clothing that just is a bit too small.. try it on... then try it on every week until it fits.
Take baby steps... have a plan that will work for you right this moment.  If need be add to it as the weeks go by.  Small steps are better than no steps at all.
You can do this.