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Back on Track
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February 13,2008

"One small step at a time."

Today is weigh in day for me and I lost another pound and a half, to total 13 pounds since January 2nd.  It really is one small step at a time for me.  As those of you that have dealt with weight issues know, if I hadn't been living this lifestyle this could have been a gain of 13 I am good with this.
Taking one step at a time... breaking down your goal into attainable small goals does work.  It can be overwhelming to look at the final goal when it is such a large one.  When I first started this plan 7 years ago I knew I couldn't dwell on losing 125 pounds, it seemed so out there, so unreachable.  So I broke it down.  I had to look at the pieces of the goal, figure out what I needed to do to obtain the final goal and then just focus on the small steps.  I knew I had to eat right, drink more water and exercise.  So I made mini goals and I still am.  One of my goals that I have been working towards is drinking 100 ounces of water a day.  I have made this goal for all but two days.  Another goal was to get in 4 days of resistant training a week...I started out with 2 days and now for the last few weeks I have managed to get in at least 5 days a week of resistant training, I have surpassed my goal.  I also wanted to increase the amount of cardio I did in each session, so I started at 30 mins and now after 6 weeks I have been doing an hour daily... another goal met.
I also have put mini goals for my weight loss.  I have a goal that I desired to reach of 15 pounds by vacation, being at 13 pounds, it could be doable, however I have only been losing 1.5 pounds a week and only have a week left...I may or may not make this goal, but as long as I am striving for it, and doing all that I can, then that is the best I can do.
Small steps towards your goal works...eventually you will get there.  Just remember this is not a race, but a journey to a healthier fit you.