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Sometime in November 2004

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This is an entry I did in November, but unpublished due to difficulty with editing my former webpage.


“No pressure, no diamonds”

Mary Case



This simple quote certainly struck home today.  Life without a struggle does not exist.  One must work for what one wants.  It has been a real long time since I wrote in my journal and there is a reason for it.  My daughter’s laptop wasn’t working , so she had mine at college and I had none until hers was repaired.  I write my journal on frontpage and then transfer on line, so until I had my own harddrive back, I have been unable to publish my journal.

 I am getting used to the empty nest syndrome.  Ed and I are enjoying our time together.  Every weekend seems like a mini vacation. We try to get away or just spend quality time together on the weekends (yup that means no housework gets done).

 Since I have last written I have been to New Orleans and back.  My son John, my best friend, Peggi and I surprised Kara for her birthday by visiting her.  Other than the weather we had a wonderful time.  Kara seems to have adjusted well to college life and that really does please me.

When I got back from New Orleans I decided to go back on the weight losing phase of the six week body makeover. That was 19 days ago.  I have stayed away from the scale because I found I was using it to eat more…if I lost weight I would take a free day…vicious cycle.  So instead I decided to just live the plan without seeing the scale… so far so good and if everything goes as planned I will step on the scale Thanksgiving morning.

On Oct 10th it was three years since I started living this way of life….three years…boy time has flown by!! I still struggle with making choices although I have to believe I have come a long way since that Oct day in 2001.  I am starting to realize that this will never be easy, however it is doable and well worth the effort.

My husband Ed and I were talking the other night.  He mentioned that I should be happy about where I am…where I have come from.  Gaining and losing 10-20 pounds during maintenance the last two years has really played a toll on me emotionally.  As he pointed out I should look at where I am now and be pleased and thankful for that.  That extreme obesity of three years ago will never happen again.

At time I have felt the odds were against me lately, having torn a muscle in my shoulder and tearing cartilage in my knee this past summer.  I am definitely on the mend, and have started back at the gym, as well as I am going to physical therapy.  I am taking it slow, one day at a time…and sooner or later I will be at my goal weight once again.

Have a great on plan day all!