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January 27, 2005

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  I spent some time today surfing the web..looking for hints and tips on how to maintain one's weight loss.   There is so much information out there on how to lose weight, but not a hell of a lot of info on how to maintain it.  I  know what I need to do to maintain my weight loss, scientifically it is rather simple, to maintain weight loss,the number of calories consumed and expended should be about the same ...
Sounds easy enough...then why is it I struggle so?   I just felt there  has got to be tips.  I did find out some things that worked or are working for others and will share them with you. 
I kept seeing that you must exercise on a regular basis to maintain your weight loss.  Some people who know they are going to be eating more than they normally do will increase their cardio the day before and the day after the event...along with increasing their water.
Another tip is to give your self a set weight and  NEVER go over it. Most give themselves a 3-5 pound leeway and once that five pounds is hit...back to expending more calories than consuming.
Don't keep  foods that personally tempt you in your home.  It doesn't mean you can't have it...just don't store it.. most people slip back into their bad habits in the privacy of their own home.
Get RID of all your fat clothes.  Why keep them?  By keeping them you are only giving yourself permission to wear them again.  Also gaining weight back and having to buy new bigger clothing could be an incentive in it self.
When you go out to dinner.  Watch your portions.  No one needs a 16 ounce steak..go for the petite smaller steak.
Another tip was once you hit your goal weight..make another goal such as increasing your muscle mass with toning. Make a goal to live healthier...focus on the steps that will get you there.
Keep an old picture of the fat you in a place you will see it daily...perhaps the refrigerator would work.
Make sure to weigh yourself at least once a week and if the scale moves in the wrong direction, stop remember what it was like being obese...what made you lose weight in the first place ....and think of all the effort you have put into it. Then no excuses start back on the weight loss plan and get the five pounds off.  It is much easier to take off five pounds than fifty!
Hope this to practice what I preach!!
ps..Today is the third year anniversary of this website...time does fly!!