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August 29, 2005
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In our daily lives, we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but the gratefulness that makes us happy. --Albert Clarke

 Let's just say life is never dull. I have been busy dealing with hurricane daughter flew into New Orleans Sat to start her second year at Tulane, we did not find out they were evacuating until she was already in the air and on her way, we had many obstacles to overcome to get her out of harms way. It has been harrowing to put it mildly. First off she is only 19 so not allowed to rent a car, second she arrived at the airport at 5pm and her school was closed. Fortunately one of her roomates said she would go and pick her up at the airport as her father had driven her car to New Orleans and was there. Unfortunately they were unable to get to the airport due to traffic, but her roomate's dad was so wonderful in that he thought to hire my daughter a limo to get her to Tulane and they would meet her there. The University was already closed when she got there, but the campus police opened her dorm so she could leave her luggage in her dorm room(first floor...doubt that she will have any of those belongings after all is said and done) My son, husband and myself while she was still flying there got on the internet, looked at the track of the storm and felt it was best to get her to go West instead of north and we were able to get Kara, her roomate and her roomates Dad a hotel room in Houston Texas. We went on to mapquest got the directions and while the limo was driving her back roads from the airport to Tulane I was giving her step by step directions on how to get to Houston, they left New Orleans at 6pm Sat nite for their 5 hour drive to Houston, but with traffic, they did not arrive until 530 Sunday morning. I was able to keep in contact with her every hour via her dying cell phone(she left her charger in her dorm)
I am still thanking God for Modern technology..being able to communicate, map out and create an escape route from  miles away inNew Hampshire,for her in New Orleans, is really a miracle. She is safe and waiting out the storm in houston, her roomates Dad will be flying out tomm from Houston and the girls will go from there. Right now the school says they will reopen next week(however I am not sure THAT will happen) so we are going to decide after today if we will be flying her home at the end of the week, or if she will be returning to New Orleans. I don't think I have ever prayed so much in my life. Please keep all thos less fortunate than my daughter in your prayers.

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