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April 12, 2005
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Procrastination is a disease. The cure is convincing yourself that it no longer serves you.

Dr. Robert Anthony

The webster dictionary defines procrastination as:
"To put off intentionally and habitually; to put off intentionally and reprehensibly the doing of something that should be done."
 Sound way too familiar?  I used to be the world's best procrastinator, whether it had to do with getting in shape, cleaning the house, getting a report done for work...I continously put them off.
"I will start that diet tomorrow...I will get rid of the clutter tomorrow. That report isn't due for another week...."
What are the benefits of not doing what should be done?  I can't think of any off hand.  I have learned something very late in life and wish I understood this years ago.  I am a person who thrives in structure.  If I don't make an effort to structure my day, my eating plan, my life...then nothing gets done.  Eveything stays the same, nothing ever changes. Procrastination blocks your way to realize your dreams.  Dreams only become reality when one sets a course of ACTION and then follows through with it.
But this concept of not procrastinating is overwhelming to those of us who have known no other way.  Where does one start?
Start with babysteps... formulate a plan, keep it simple, add to it as necessary.  Rome wasn't built in a day and making your desires a reality won't happen overnight.
I have been working on my healthy lifestyle now for almost four years. It is in the structure of my program that I have finally found my freedom to be me.  Weight no longer is an excuse to watch life instead of participate in it.
  I have taken this new found way and structured other parts of my life. I have a daily schedule that I keep the same. I also have a schedule of weekly things and of monthly things that need to be done and since the first of the year I have been taking baby steps to accomplish these "chores".   For the first time in years my house is clean and anybody can drop in.  I have not missed an appointment( Thursdays are my errand, appt, shopping day) So instead of worrying what I have scheduled for appts on what days I now only have to concern myself with what I scheduled and know I did that for Thursdays.)  Tuesdays has become my project day...nothing too major and if it is not finished , then I pick up where I left off the following Tuesday.
  Life is so much simpler now.  Go ahead stop procrastinating...start getting those things done that need to be done....