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The Journey continues.........Maintenance
Happy New Year!


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God built and launched this year for you;
Upon the bridge you stand;
It's your ship, aye, your own ship,
And you are in command.
Just what the twelve months' trip will do
Rests wholly, solely, friend, with you.

Your logbook kept from day to day
My friend, what will it show?
Have you on your appointed way
Made progress, yes or no?
The log will tell, like guiding star,
The sort of captain that you are.

For weal or woe this year is yours;
Your ship is on life's sea
You acts, as captain, must decide
Whichever it shalll be;
So now in starting on your trip,
Ask God to help you sail your ship.

Author Unknown

Happy New Year all!  May all your dreams come true this year.  I am glad the holidays have come to an end.  I look forward to 2003 and getting back on track.  Since Thanksgiving I have managed to put on ten pounds.  It was my choice to be off program more than on program.  I am still learning how to live lean..but as of today, I have recommitted myself to six weeks of the bodymakeover and at the end of the six weeks, I will again look at lean living.  This is going to be timed just perfectly, as six weeks and three days from now I am going to Belize for a week with my hubby( it is a gift to ourselves for our 25th anniversary). We will be in the land of sun and fun, and I want to look my best.
The holidays were great... I got more clothes and more white chocolate than I have ever received(sorta an oxymoron, no?).
People were not afraid to buy me clothing and many thought I needed white chocolate(my favorite sweet)... I will keep the clothing but have given the white chocolate away...otherwise the clothing will not fit for long!!
It has been interesting over the holidays but I am soooo looking forward to being on program for the next  six weeks.  My intentions are to do cardio at least 5-6 x a week for an hour, as well as resistant exercises(I alternate muscle groups, never working the same muscle group two days in a row).
 For the cardio I am actually doing 20 minutes of jogging, 20 minutes of eliptical, and 20 minutes of bike riding for the next two weeks, as I think  my body has gotten used to jogging for an hour at a time and needs a little bit of a change.
My new years resolution is to try and journal at least every other day...The reason it has been awhile was I was away for the New Year and just flew back this afternoon.
I am home, refreshed, and ready to journey into 2003!!!!