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  "The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning."
Ivy Baker Priest

 When I was browsing the web, I came across this quote and it really hit home for me.  I have been on lean living for the past five months.   I thought when I reached goal that it was the end of my wrong... it is only the beginning of a new way of life for me... It is not always easy.. being thin doesn't make everything all better...there are still every day stesses, job stresses stresses that never go away.  Sometimes I find myself reaching for a cookie when things are hectic .. it doesn't have to be a "bad" stress.. it can be that something out of the ordinary is taking place and I am celebrating  or it could be that I am waiting for a child who is late coming home and they are driving... At least now I am cognizant of my emotional eating and many times able to stop myself before the damage is done.. the key is to always be aware of what and why you are eating..that fat monster lurks at every corner! But it is the art of balancing that I have not mastered.. I am fine if I stay on plan... but when having to make choices of food( especially now that lean living means more choices more food) I at times get carried away. In many ways it was easier for me to lose the weight, than keep it off
We just returned from Belize.. and I stepped on the scale yesterday.. I am 8 pounds heavier than I have been at my thinnest.  My size 8 clothes feel a bit tight and when I mention I need to lose the weight.. people just smirk..and say yeah...right... you are soo heavy..( they are being sarcastic because I don't look heavier to them.. but I know...).. and I feel fat.. I am having a hard time going back to the strict plan.since my return. which means I am maintaining this weight gain, rather than losing it.  I have targeted Monday as the day to go back on the program for six weeks.  I  have started writing down everything I eat again as well..I got out of that habit and I think I need to do this again as it makes me accountable for what went in my mouth. I also plan to journal here more often again...another tool that works for me.
I have a busy weekend coming up.. I am judging "Destination Imagination" tomorrow from 7 am until 7pm and then there are final ceremonies so I won't get home til late Saturday night... It will be a long day but I love celebrating the creativeness of I am really looking forward to it.
Have a great weekend all!