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The Journey continues.........Maintenance
January 15, 2003


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March 13, 2003......Happy 5oth Birthday Ed!!!!
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 There would be no accumulation of strength inside if the choices that you make did not require discipline and intention.
Gary Zukav

Changing one's lifestyle does take strength from within, it also builds up self esteem and makes one realize that if you want something bad enough and you are willing to work for it, it CAN happen!
Somedays I have to draw upon every bit of my inner strength to continue to live my dreams.  Somewhere in the deep recesses of my brain I had thought once I hit lean living it would be a piece of cake...not so.
Over the holidays I let my guard times I was out of control in regards to my eating and scared to death by New Years that I would not find my way back to this lifestyle.
But, I have.. The last two weeks I have been living the program in the weight loss fashion.  I have taken off 2 1/2 pounds of the ten I put on.  It is coming off much slower this time around.  I can only hope that is because of my muscle mass increasing.  Even with these few extra pounds, all my clothes fit.
 I find the support at Provida simply amazing.  I know I would not have been able to do this program with out the help of others. Although in the end it is really up to the individual.  No one can do this for you.  One has to want it and be willing to work for it.  One has to stop and draw strength from within.  The choices you make are your own.  At times it is so hard to make the right choice, but I keep reminding myself that the choice I make right now will affect my future..why sabotage it?
Why would I want to change my world as I know it today?  It is this inner strength, fostered by support of others, that keeps me on task,,,that allows me to continue one step at a time to live this wonderful, healthy lifestyle.