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The Journey continues.........Maintenance
April 2, 2003


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"Seasons changed and so have I, you need not wonder why."


Winter is done, and spring is here, soon the summer will come. It is my favorite season here in New Hampshire. I look forward to this summer more than ever. I have a wish list of a thousand things I want to do. Looking forward to reclimbing the mountain, canoeing, hiking, water skiing and being active in general.

This is the time of year when everything is beginning again.  Time to take a step back and reevaluate where you have been and where you are headed. Planning is the key to success in this world. One must have a vision and work towards it.

Last summer my goal was to climb a mountain. For this summer I have two goals. One is to do a two day canoe trip and the other is to get my weight under my original goal weight by a few pounds, so as to have some flexibility with lean living. I I have been maintaining give or take ten pounds...( laughing). I manage to take the weight off, get to goal and another vacation or event happens...I gain then I spend six weeks relosing the weight, another trip occurs and I am back at square one... This would be all fine and good as long as I was a few pounds under my original goal and maintaining this way, but it does a number on my mind being over goal..losing to goal and then back up. So this is my focus as we come into the summer.

  Right now I have been on program for two weeks, and do not intend on weighing until Easter weekend.. The Monday after Easter, Ed and I are going to Florida until that Saturday....he is going for business and I am going for beaching( just happens to be my April vacation at schoo)l. So, again I will be off plan and when I return, I will do six weeks on program to hopefully bring myself a bit below goal.. Just in time for my summer vacation! Yes, planning is everything!