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The Journey continues.........Maintenance
July 2, 2003


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                                      Andrew Jackson

July second already. I am still struggling with this place called maintenance. I got on the scale today and I am still up 8.5 pounds since my lowest.  Everyone says I look fine, that perhaps this is where my body desires to be, but I look at the size 4 skirt and know I can't zip it hangs in my closet.  I realize this should be no big deal after all there was a time when size 24 didn't fit.
I guess I just don't want to become complacent, I don't want to give up or lose sight of that which I have become.
 It takes so much self discipline to maintain, I think much more than it took to lose this weight. Today I spent some time reading my old journals..reading the quotes I have found along the way...I did some soul searching and the word action keeps coming to mind.
One has to keep on top of things, be active in all that they do both mentally and physically to be able to keep the dream they are dreaming.  Let that guard down and the dream can be lost.
Tommorrow I am heading up to our lakehouse for the summer. Today I have to go to the gym and put it on hold for the next two months.  Last year I was afraid to do that, but only used the gym three times all summer, but it was my security blanket knowing I could use it if I wanted to or if I needed to.
 I need to be stronger than that, self motivated... I have bands and weights at the cottage and a mountain road to climb in the morning.  I feel like I have to take an active role in maintaining my weight and maintaining my exercise.  I have gotten into such a routine here, I get up I go to the gym I work out.  But now I need to be able to do what is needed on my own, til the fall.  I even think a new routine will keep it forefront in my mind.  So once at the lakehouse my routine will be to get up, take my walk, and then workout with weights... I am aiming for six days a week.  I also think it is most important for me to journal more often... it keeps me on my toes and makes me be reflective.
Well I am off to do some errands, then to the gym for the last time for the summer and then back here to clean the house before I leave tomm.  My plan is to journal at least every other day.  Have a great one all.