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If hunger is not the problem, food is not the answer!

This quote hit home today. Again I am struggling with my relationship with food..  I find that I need to remember to eat to live rather than live to eat. I have finally realized that I am an emotional eater ,  I never really thought I was but... I want to eat to celebrate, I want to eat when I am happy, and when I am sad or stressed..  I am learning to divert this tendency.. I think the key is to try and replace that want with a healthy habit.  I find myself  increasing my exercise or reading about diet and nutrition instead of reaching for the food.  I will go on the internet and read postings at Provida or write in my journal. Another trick I have found is to drink a big glass of water.. it helps fill me up and is a healthy thing to do.
 Somewhere I got the idea that when I reached goal, that I would just magically stay there.  I am learning to live with the weight fluctuation.. up a couple  pounds down a couple pounds and I am realizing that this is the way it is for most people.  I have cut back getting on the scale which is a good thing.
 Tomorrow I go back for my second appointment with the plastic surgeon, this time bringing my husband along.  We are still waiting to hear if the insurance will cover any of it.. It is quite expensive, but I believe it will be worth it. I have sooo much loose skin in the lower abdomen even though I exercise.  I guess the older we get the less elasticity our skin has.  I have abused my skin for most of my adult life, so I am not surprised that it is loose now.  Many people have written me asking about it in regards to themselves.. Few have commented that they don't want that to happen to them.. I think it is so much better than dealing with 100 pounds of excess fat...even if I don't have it removed I know I am way better off today than I was a year ago last October.
Will keep you posted... have a great day all!