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Valentine's Day 2003


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Valentine's Day 2003
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Many times I have been asked why has this program worked when all other programs that you have tried failed?  What is different this time?
 I think that being successful at REALLY changing one's lifestyle is multifaceted. First finding MTSWBMO was such a gift.  A sensible, healthy eating program that included support and exercise, the perfect program. 
 This time I decided that not only did my eating and exercise have to change, my attitude towards eating and exercising had to change.  At first I had to begin exercising and then over time exercising had to become a habit.  I remember thinking once I have done it for thirty days then it is considered a habit.  It was difficult last year to go to the gym, it was an effort, and heck at the time I did not like to exercise. But I knew as we all do, that those who lose weight and keep it off exercise on a regular basis and there is no shortcut regarding this. Over the past year I have gone from hating exercise to loving it.  I started going three times a week, I now go 6-7 times a week.. I find it a stress reliever and I also firmly believe that even if I am eating off program, exercising is a must. I always remember that muscles burn more calories.  I have gone from having a body that was 54% fat, to having a body with lots of lean muscle and a body fat of 24 percent.
 I also had to decide to eat healthy foods in a healthy way.  During the weight loss phase of this lifestyle change, that  was very easy.. I had a plan and all I had to do was follow it. exceptions... follow the food plan ... shed the pounds... and I did..  It was when I got to lean living or maintenance, that my food plan became troublesome.  It is difficult for a former food addict to graduate from a structured eating program into the real world, where choices have to be made. I am learning to eat like a thin person.  This is a struggle for my fat brain... I am learning when to eat "off program" and how.  I am learning that just because I am at goal doesn't mean I can eat anything I want whenever I want.  I am also learning that there are certain foods that trigger me into eating more than I should or trigger cravings... so these foods have to be banished from my lifestyle forever.
 I guess I never realized what a struggle from within this would be.  I can only hope that as time goes on, all of this will become second nature to me. I  LOVE being thin and healthy more than anything and because of that I know I will never be fat again.
It is Valentine's Day and for the second year in a row... I love myself..both my inner and outer being...and feeling this way is worth all the effort and struggle...May you all have a wonderful happy, healthy and binge free Valentine's Day..